Our Services

  • Recommendations for new approaches to increasing diversity in senior management

  • Design and implementation of inclusion & diversity programs

  • Diversity & inclusion presentations to internal groups

  • Leadership institutes for women

  • Counseling for CEOs and senior managers on diversity & inclusion best practices

  • Management training in effective diversity & inclusion strategies

  • Inclusion workshops for managers

  • Evaluation of existing diversity & inclusion programs


Our Approach

By using strategies that have been proven to change workplace culture and diminish the many unconscious biases we all hold (which prevent workplaces from being truly inclusive), employers can increase retention and look forward to elevating more diverse senior leaders.


Retain Your Diverse Talent

By working with corporate leaders and approaching the issue of retaining diverse talent from a senior management perspective, the Bass Institute moves the needle on making companies, law firms and institutions truly hospitable to women.


Use Research-Based Strategies to Combat Unconscious Bias

Informed by research from its nonprofit arm, the Bass Foundation, the Institute evaluates why current diversity efforts are not producing the results an organization hoped for. It makes recommendations for granular changes in approaches to hiring, compensation, elevation and performance evaluations that can help ensure that the unconscious biases we all have do not unknowingly infiltrate and undermine these processes.


Ensure True Inclusion of Women

The institute also addresses leadership and empowerment issues to help maintain a consistent pipeline of women who are qualified and prepared for leadership positions. And, it works to identify and help eliminate some of the barriers that unintentionally block the successful integration of women into company workforces.