Bass Institute

for Diversity & Inclusion

We work with top company and law firm leaders to identify and create effective strategies to retain and elevate more women to senior management, and to achieve diversity and inclusion at every level of the organization. We are a single source for solutions that work, and our inclusion-focused approaches have been proven to show results.

While many companies have invested enormous amounts of time, energy and money in diversity and inclusion initiatives, that investment has not paid off with an appropriate level of women holding positions in senior management. Too often, diverse talent leaves an organization long before it can fully benefit from their experience, knowledge and skills. 

At the Bass Institute for Diversity & Inclusion, we approach the problem from a C-level perspective, with a focus on changes that work, rather than processes that do not actually result in retaining more women or having a female pool of talent in senior positions.

We work with CEOs to help evaluate and improve the effectiveness of their diversity initiatives, and to find new ways to increase diversity in company leadership.

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We work with you to:

  • Evaluate why current diversity and inclusion initiatives have not led to the results you want.
  • Help you understand the unconscious biases that we all have, which can unknowingly undermine many diversity and inclusion efforts.
  • Recommend granular changes to hiring, compensation, elevation and performance evaluation that can prevent unconscious biases from undermining those processes.
  • Address leadership and empowerment issues to ensure a strong pipeline of women and minorities for senior positions.
  • Identify and help eliminate unintentional barriers that can prevent women and minorities from successfully integrating into a company and that stand in the way of workforce inclusion.
  • Identify ways to ensure that women and minorities feel valued and included in the company, and are incentivized to stay and move into leadership roles.

Our Founder

The Bass Institute for Diversity & Inclusion was founded by Hilarie Bass, a leader in identifying why women leave companies before they reach senior management. An attorney and former American Bar Association president, Hilarie has more than 20 years in senior management, including six as co-president of 2,000-person law firm Greenberg Traurig and eight as head of the firm's 600-attorney litigation practice.